Spy Cool Dudes

I was in the pool again this morning, and we got a great workout, with great music. Roy Orbison sang and then Stevie Wonder. One was blind and the other isn’t and they both wore cool sunglasses for men. Almost everyone in the pool is singing along and the lifeguard is tapping his foot or beating out a rhythm on his board. Next we heard James Brown singing “I feel good” and then “Papa’s got a brand new bag.” How cool and funky is that.

He is one of the best. And the very best dancer. I think Michael Jackson learned his moves from James. I saw on AOL that B.B. King, whom I have loved since I was 15 years old, is ill. He is ten years older than I. We’re both old. When I was a teen Lula and I listened to him on Groovy’s Boogie, the 4:00 show on KTBS in Shreveport, Louisiana. We’d turn off the radio in a hurry when we heard mother’s car coming up the driveway.

That driveway was such a joke. It was two narrow concrete strips, coming up the hill into a one car garage. For years we tried to talk mother into putting a decent driveway on the other side of the house, where there was plenty of space, and running it into the backyard behind the house. They lived on an acre of land two blocks from downtown.

She wouldn’t do it though because she thought she’d have to talk to the neighbors about it because it abutted their property. After she and dad died and my sister sold the house, the new owners did just that, and they turned the garage into a work room. And the completely restored and redecorated the house. It is so beautiful now. Those were happy afternoons listening to B. B., Gatemouth, Howlin’ Wolf and other early blues singers.