Unforseeable Hayday for Windows

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Farming game lovers got Hayday on their favorite list. It is developed and published by Supercell. It was first released on June 21 of 2013 for iOS and available on Apple App store.  The game was also released for Android on the 20th of November the same year which is available on Google Play. It was reported that it’s the game with fourth highest profit in 2013. It is the top Android game casual app with over a hundred million download from Google Play, a trendy product of Supercell. If you love farming and simulation activities, Hayday will definitely keep your internal agriculturist gaga all night and it is visually delightful.


On the other hand, as I mentioned, only Apple and Android users can play the game. And we all know that those are the top two Smartphone OS worldwide. But of course, Windows phone comes third and so many users as well around the globe who pleaded for Hayday on their gizmo. The artwork of the game is the greatest asset you can notice on it, it’s an eye candy. To get a portable game, Hayday’s exposition is fairly cinematic. It is a very simple game; you are the manager of the farm and you need to put it on a financial success, just like other games from Facebook like Farmville. So,this really shows that Hayday is also possible for Windows, but not at this time maybe.


It’s nice to know that people are going online and create forums and threads to shout out their pleas, requests and ideas about the game even if it is not currently possible. Unfortunately, there are threads that suggest and provide links on how to download and install the game that is not currently supported like the PC. These emulator programs pretty messes up the game. It was reported that the program they provides on thread, changes the real programming of the game to allow them to play on their unsupported device for which of course they are not designed for. So this means that they are opening their devices into a myriad of bugs. This will not be supported by their Customer Support or aid in anyway with any issues people may have on the game, whether it’s because of the emulator or not.

Up to this point, the question is why Supercell still hasn’t put it on Windows yet. Supercell is very much aware about the number of audience that will be added if people will see it on their PC. However, they have already professed that although the concept is not totally rolled out; there is still no intention in the future to apply a PC version of any of their games. They wanted to focus first on mobile device market for the time being.

Xbox Power for Bloodborne

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One of the recent and ambitious game of From Software called Bloodborne was released last March 2015. It’s a cutthroat app for PalyStation 4 this year. Bloodborne director Hidetaka Maiyazaki affirmed that the said game needs a powerful console to make it possible and then came the arrival of PlayStation 4 by Sony which they said is a perfect fit for Bloodborne. So that’s why From Software, the developer of numerous popular games including Bloodborne, signed an exclusive contract with Sony for that particular game. Which create inquisition if the capability of Xbox One is not adequate or competent enough to execute the game.


Xbox users came aboard to appeal about the power of the said console and why they choose Xbox over PS4. Most of them are former PlayStation users then crossed over to Xbox. They prefer Xbox, first because of the price and what you can get in bundle. Indeed, Microsoft has better value globally counter to PS4. Next, it’s because of Xbox external storage capability, it can give you extensive increase in storage space for game saves, installs and all other files. Another one is that, based on their experiences, Xbox is one of the best controllers around. They have a very positive experience using Xbox and the excitement they got never let them to think to pull back into Sonyland. And the exclusivity of Bloodborne for PS4 made them skeptical about the “capability” reasons as Maiyazaki stated.2362898-4428300142-ps4vs

As we go round-about, Maiyazaki already set this straight from the start and he said that PS4 invasion made Bloodborne happen. Maiyazaki wanted the Victorian era setting for the game and PS4 made it look good and PS4 completely gave them what they always imagined for the said game. He said that Bloodborne isn’t a game that could have been cross-generation and made it clear that it is only possible for PS4. But hey, Xbox users, so as the other console gamers, we are in a fast modern console generation and we may never know.

Bloodline Rebellion comes to PC

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from it’s makers Bandai Namco Games and available on Arcade, PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,PlayStation Portable. comes Tekken 6 that made its debut last 2007 was playable in xbox360 and Ps3 on the last quarter of 2008 and was introduced to the portable playstation a year after. darker and bolder, the story of vengeance continues and new stories unfold as new characters bestows their glory upon us on the tekken 6 arena.

fansand enthusiast just cant wait to see this cute and innocent looking cyborg in action, making her debut in tekken 6 Alisa ( Alisa Bosconovitch )  is a cyborg that has lost her memory and continues to find who she is and what’s the purpose of her very existence.The only thing that she knows is she is programmed to be one very lethal weapon, sadly she doesnt know anything about what to do or where to go up until she bumped into Lars ( Lars Alexandersson ) who will help her find the answers that she is searching for. Alisa would be playable in the versus,arcade and she is also one of the main characters if you play the new and improved tekken force mode. which also features Lars.Speaking of Lars  he was the former leader of the elite defense troop of Mishima Zaibatsu but eventually he had led a coup d’etat that is trying to defeat the Corporation that he is working for which is Mishima Zaibatsu, after knowing its dark roots; He and Alisa joins forces to defeat the Mishima Zaibatsu and together with its leader Heihachi Mishima to finally answer all the questions that has been hunting them and permanently eliminate the dark forces who are trying to rule over the lands.

also coming back in the game is Jin Kazama together with his new moves and default avatar. in his quest for power he’s now able to control the devil gene that he inherited and tries to use it against his foes. one part of the series comes to the deciding part of the bloodline where Heihachi, Jin and Kazuya exchanged fist and power to determine who will rule over Mishima Zaibatsu.


Tekken 6 and the whole Tekken Series is famous for its glorious fighting sequences and the collaboration of different fighting styles that is intertwined by an evil man that wants to keep all the power that he can suppress to himself in order to cause chaos. the availability of the game was a hindrance to most of the fans and gamers that would like to experience the masterpiece that Bandai Namco Games had created. luckily there are new ways to make this game available in our desired platform. speaking of which Tekken 6 is now available for PC. with one click of a button and a little amount of patience, you will now be able to play it in your personal computer. just click here to start the glorious battles that you would be having. enjoy

Does GTA V for PSP exist or not?

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If you speak of online game, Grand Auto Theft has been on every gamer’s list. GTA series of game has entirely hit almost all online gaming platforms because of its massive genres. Hard core gamers or not, this game is well-liked. This has been a flat out fortune for RockStar Games. And for the last quarter of 2013, RockStar Games released GTA V but not yet available to some platforms mostly use by gamers like the PlayStation Portable or PSP. They said that it is now the biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world ever created for GTA and now packed with layers of new detail.

Sony launched PSP in 2004 after Nintendo DS. It is a handheld game console which is a fragment of the seventh-generation of video games. It already ported series of GTA game and PSP users have more apprehensions for GTA V. Just as excited as the Android users, but sadly there is still no official report from RockStar Games about the PSP version. Even Wikipedia has the updated list of what platforms are available for each GTA series and PSP is not included for GTA V.

There are these savvy gamers over the internet who have explore the gaming world as well as the capacity of each and every gadgets and platforms and they provide maneuvers and some techie tricks on how to download and install it on PSP. Though, some people who have tried the plot did not see it quite promising. So they will just hold on to RockStar Games and stick to their aspirations to have GTA V on their PSP formally. It also formed confusion to gamers if GTA V for PSP really exists or not, but as long as RockStar Games hasn’t formally announce of the availability of the said game on PSP, it generally does not exist yet.

Tekken 7 fated PC invasion

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The much awaited Tekken 7 debut was on march 18, 2015 from its developers; the legendary Bandai Namco Entertainment and also a successor of the Tekken Series. This time, the twist of fate comes back into a decades promise, where a rouge demon vows to pay his debt to Kazumi  Mishima in killing her husband Heihachi Mishima who is the dark lord of the Mishima Zaibatsu. This Demonic doorman happens to be from the Street Fighter world naming Akuma/Gouki who’s very existence is to find and fight the rightful rival to his limitless power and making his debut in the Tekken Series and was rumored to be part of the game since tekken 1. fans all over the world would now be able to play Akuma inside the Tekken Realm. He also brought a handful of new styles in the game that would leave each gamer wanting to play more and ask for a very early release of a new version because the directors who are responsible for the games storyline and plot which are Sir Yuichi Yonemori and Sir Katsuhiro Harada gave the fans a darker and bloder version that will surely hit the charts.

Also in debut joining the demon Akuma are Josie Rizal, Gigas, Claudio, Katarina, Shaheen, Lucky Chloe and the Lady Kazumi Mishima who also happens to have a devil form. Speaking of the Lady that made Heihachi fall inlove, Kazumi Mishima also has a pet tiger which you can summon while fighting to help you out in doing combo attacks. also added to the game is the rage mode which is more like a super for every fighting character, since Tekken is more on martial arts they incorporated the rage attacks with combo moves and different camera angles to make it more slick and elegant to gamers eyes. also changed in the game are the default character costumes which you can also customize if you desire to change the look of a certain character. also added to the game are new maps which has different effects like if you bang to hard on the floor or the wall you will somehow open a new stage which you can use to continue the fight , right now they also put a overlapping new stage so if you bang into the wall while you’re up in a bridge you will destroy the wall and fall down to the bottom part of the bridge and continue the fight there.

Tekken 7 and same goes to the other versions from the Tekken Series are only available on arcade and ps4 because the engine that they use for this which is the “Unreal Engine 4” limits its availability,so it’s not yet available on any other console. But that is a thing of the past now;because why would you limit a very astonishing game and not put it somewhere that you would be able to appreciate it more? somewhere like the PC perhaps. yes, im talking about our beloved personal computer, because now you would also be able to play Tekken 7 on a PC platform, there are just a few things that you need to do in order for the game to work. here is a direct link that you can download the version of the game that is designed to work for PC.

Red Dead Redemption

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“People don’t forget, nothing gets forgiven” one of the many sick poetic phrases that is spitted out by John Marston the main protagonist in “Red Dead Redemption”;another brilliant game from Rock-star Games that launched way back in 2010 and is also a heir to one chart topping game which is Red Dead Revolver (launched in 2004) which was one of Rock-star’s early game giants when it comes to third person gaming. sadly the game is only playable on xbox/playstation3. but rumors had it that it will soon be available on PC. but why wait if rumors are true because we’ve found a way to put Red  Dead Redemption on your beloved personal computers earlier than the expected unveiling.

a game where you would be able to be go back in the wild wild west and play as former outlaw who will help bring justice to the western lands and put and end to the rebellion that has sprung out and creating chaos. since not all of us are blessed to have an xbox or ps3 console we are bringing the western feel of overflowing gunfires, riddles, and majestic steeds to your doorstep and making it possible to be on your desktop computer.

be in awe, to be part of a record breaking game that will surely bring out the cowboy in you and enjoy the majestic scenery of the wild wild west. thanks to the awesome team of artist and designers of Rockstar Games.

if you would be going back to the past, and ride a mighty steed while carrying your sawed off shot gun. would you be having that chill ride to for the law, or against it ? inside this the world of Red Dead Redemption is a mixed up and but well balanced set of characters and missions that you can do and you can always just ride it out and play the game like a free spirit.


Triumphant Journey to Windows Phone

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tumblr_nxwls3PvHA1sp8304o1_1280The whole world has already been screaming this out since the colossal game emerged, from the the lab of one of the top gaming companies called “Supercell”,  and all the gamers/enthusiast unite as we open doors to new possibilities that should have been done ages ago. Clash of Clans has boosted up it’s way to be on top of the most downloaded free game app the world has ever known and it is only available on iPad/iPhone/iPod/Andriod but not anymore,The feeling of building your own army for you to command and conquering other neighboring clans, or being part of a large pack and destroying enemy fortresses would now be possible even if you lack in the proper hardware for it. Clash of Clans for Windows phone has been a rumor for years now,since not all of us are a fan of andriod or the majestic iphone/ipad/ipod. some very helpful sites are offering to make the things possible for windows phone fans.

Clash of Clans began it’s journey  in 2012 where is it only available in itunes, then later on after a year on the exact date of october 8, 2013 it was also introduced on the google play store for android fans. a bunch of rumors then came out for it was about to launch in windows phone too, sadly it’s not possible just yet. lucky for us a few sites that would be making us use Clash of Clans for Windows Phone. the long rally and the unending request for making it playable on our windows phone is now in our hands and also because sharing the feeling of mayhem through the world of battle is a must.. you just need to follow the instructions written below.

How to play Clash of Clans on windows phone.

first and foremost you need to back up your phone in your phone settings ~> the instructions for backing up your phone would be seen there.

  1. Download wconnect and Android SDK’s ADB at here.
  2. After downloading, extract and you will get 2 files adb.rar and wconnect.rar. Extract those rar files.
  3. Extract wconnect.rar, open the extracted folder and then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe.
  4. On your Windows 10 device, go to Settings ~> Update and Security ~> For developers ~> Enable Developers Mode ~> Turn on Device Discovery.
    Scroll down, tap on the Pair button then copy the code it shows up to a place so we can use it later.
  5. Use the cable to connect your device with your computer.
  6. Back to the wconnect folder from the 3th step, Hold your Shift button + Right Click ~> Open command window here:
  7. Once the command windows is showed up, type wconnect.exe usb then press Enter button.
  8. The command window will ask for the pin for your device to be connected with your computer. Just enter the pin that you have generated at the 4th step.
  9. Extract the adb.rar file from the 2nd step, you will get a folder named platform-tools, open it.
  10. Download Clash of Clans apk file at here. After downloading, move it into theplatform-tools folder.
  11. Repeat the 6th step: Hold Shift button + Right Click ~> Open command window here.
  12. Type adb device on the command window then press Enter to make sure your device has been connected properly.
  13. Assume that my apk file is com.supercell.clashofclans-v7.156.5-602-Android-4.0.3.apk
    Type adb install com.supercell.clashofclans-v7.156.5-602-Android-4.0.3.apkon the command window then press Enter. (Remember change the apk file name as yours)
  14. Once you can see a success notice on the screen, it means Clash of Clans has been installed successfully on your device.
  15. Enjoy!

Note:  via Google ID system because your Windows Phone 10 hasn’t had Google services yet. Please follow my steps above to install Google services on your phone!

now we can march our way and lead our troops to conquer across the farthest lands and reign supreme among different tribes. be a king, stand strong and command your respected balloon bombers to cast their bombs to annihilate everything they see, that needs a little boom  in order for your barbarians to break the walls that they consider as their greatest defense.tactically run around their stronghold to avoid traps and bombs. try to destroy or avoid archer towers while the witch who can raise the dead back into the living to obey her every command, wipe out all that’s in their way, as the mighty giants eradicate every living soul in their sight. to top all that summon a legendary and formidable dragon that will take all the defensive strikes and burn them as it tries to move closer to the enemies town hall and possibly put it into a pulp. enjoy every moment from building and upgrading your units and climb your way to the top.


Android Users Fated Solid GTA V Version

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gta 5 for android

A video game series that started in October 1997 has totally mashed up success and widely played around the world, called Grand Theft Auto or GTA. Because of its popularity and demand, it can now be played in all sorts of platform like the PlayStation 1-4, PS portable, Android, Windows phone, X-box, Nintendo, Microsoft Windows, iOS and many more. And as of 2014, It already has eleven stand-alone games and four expansion packs. Then later has brought the game series to the latest innovations like putting it in a 3D setting. This also influences many game maker to clone it and made similar games.

In 2013, Grand Theft Auto V was release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and later of 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and then released it for Microsoft Windows on the first quarter of 2015. Anticipations grew much stronger most especially for Android users. There are a lot of rumors, hoaxes and phony details on the internet about the GTA V for Android but as long as Rock Star Games hasn’t put it on Google Play, the specific game is not formally ported to Android.

gta 5 for android

Some anonymous gamers are stating that they can play GTA V on Android using APK Android file and there are tutorials on how to download and instate the said file. Though they prescribe that Android gizmos should have the right hardware. Android users came out like an open fire online asking on how to get the link to download and the right way of installing it. But a lot of rages on how complicated it could be and got back ill-fated for building it on their Android. In short, many have failed and accepted the fact that GTA V doesn’t have a solid version for Android.

It may require a higher or tougher hardware for Android to get this formally done and have it as a steadfast game. So, Android users may not have to worry at all because Android never fails to unveil advanced technology year after year. They always manage to keep up with the demands and so as with the latest trends. Let’s just wait and say hooray because GTA V for Android is inevitable.

GTA 5 Finally Released for PC! How About for IOS?

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gta 5 for ios

After a long time of waiting finally GTA 5 is now available for PC Platform. But the big question is “When will GTA 5 be available in IOS Device?” Will this game ever come out on this Smart Phone?.


GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto Five is one of the most successful game in the year 2013 to 2014 and until this late 2015 still many console and pc gamer still enjoy the concept of this amazing game. As we all know this game is only available for XBOX and Playstation on the first year it has been released and now finally it is ported to Personal Computer or Desktop computers which makes the game more exciting because it can run the maximum graphics with the help of a good video card adapter.

There are also some rumors that this game will soon be available on the MAC platform. But many people think that this is just a rumor and it will never happen. gta 5 for ios

Mac users are still hoping for the GTA 5 version on their laptop.

Now, let’s talk about the IOS version of this game. Do you think that this game will ever be available on the Apple App store or on the itunes market place? or Can the latest iPhone models can handle the graphics and the game play of the application?  As we all know this game needs a good graphics card so we can play it the way it is designed.

PC Feature : The Rockstar Editor

GTA 5 for MAC Release Rumors

For many MAC users it is not fair that they released a PC version and not for MAC. They even said that the game developers is after where the money is and they know that MAC users are less into gaming, that’s why I  they don’t have any plans for a MAC release. But How about a GTA 5 for IOS release?

Screen Shots :

thumb 2

thumb 1

Here’s also a video of some youtube user trying to prove that GTA for IOS exist :

A Warfare About Bloodborne for PC

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bloodborne for pc

“Bloodborne for PC!” as shouted by a relevant number of gamer, considering that the game’s IP is owned by Sony. According to change.org, there are nearly 50,000 signatures for petition to have Bloodborne on PC. Although they say that it is a hopeless plea, the digits are making Sony happy for Bloodborne’s fame and success. So it’s not hopeless after all, the round robin that came out reflects the support, is utterly notable in the gamer’s world.

What exactly the reasons why there are pros and cons about Bloodborne on PC. We are not going into the technical stuff but rather into what the gamer’s head are saying about it. The reality of why they would like to have it on PC and why others do not agree and some are even disgusted about the idea.

The pro ones would really love to play the game but most of them do not have PlayStation or unfortunately cannot afford one. Some have other consoles or their PCs alone and an avid fan of Soul’s series won’t buy PS4 even if it is missing one of the anticipated games of the season. Comments bombarded on change.org on how Sony limits the audience for their works. So they ask to make the right choice and as what gamers say, on the technical side, let others see the game’s full potential in 60FPS. A lot of the aspirant gamers are optimistic about it as they stick to Amazon’s leak which according to history has been pretty accurate. As reported by IGN, they mentioned some of Amazon’s previous leaks which includes Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the Killzone Trilogy, the European-only Assassin’s Creed Anthology, Grand Theft Auto V on PC and a PS4 bundle for The Last of Us: Remastered. All of these turned out to be true. So they have high hopes of making Bloodborne for PC possible.

Now, as much as others want Bloodborne for PC, meticulous gamers object about the idea. “Do not release Bloodborne for PC!” as they shouted to contradict.

bloodborne for pc

Some of them think that PC gamers are elitists. They are specifically convicting that Bloddborne is a PS4 exclusive and people who wants to play it should buy it like gentlemen. Another reason why a lot of gamers say that Bloodborne can’t go to PC because of what they can do on PC like hacks, cheats and trainers. “PCs are for work and Facebook”, as they convey. Con gamer don’t want to sit in front of their PC after they came home from work to get their game on. They’ve been literary in front of the PC the whole day at work so they prefer holding their console player instead. They think that people should draw the line between PC and console games.

The gamers have been very vocal with their rants and raves about Bloodborne for PC. But what Sony has to say about it? Early of this year, Bloodborne product Manager Kid Chris stated that they have no plans of bringing Bloodborne to any other platform and specifically mentioned that Bloodborne is PS4 exclusive, until Amazon came out of another leak that brings confusion and at the same time excitement to PC gamers. Is it true that Sony is just playing their marketing strategy for a while so people will buy PS4 and then later on release the PC version? Well, Cyberland noted that FromSoftware has already stated before that they are also considering a 2015 release if they decide to bring it to another platform.